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SAFE ENVIRONMENT – Protecting God’s Children


What is a safe environment?


As a Parish, we must ensure that children and youth who worship, study or participate in activities sponsored by our parish and schools can do so in the safest and most secure setting possible – free from any physical or sexual abuse. The Safe Environment Program is required for employees and volunteers working with minors on a regular basis.

This program has a number of steps:

1) Initial application

2) Background Check by the Diocese of Charleston

3) Take the online Safe Environment training at


All steps must be completed before a person is certified.

Depending on where you are planning to volunteer, you should contact the appropriate Safe Environment Coordinator below:

St. Gregory the Great Parish:
Please contact Gloria Alvarez-Kayser at 843-815-3100 x 350

St. Gregory the Great Catholic School:
Please contact Sandy Bougus at 843.815.9988

John Paul II Catholic School:
Please contact Joanne Kearney at 843.645.3838

Please contact one of these people to start the application process. Please see below for more information on the St. Gregory the Great Parish Safe Environment Program.



St. Gregory the Great Parish Safe Environment Program


St. Gregory the Great keeps a Master List of the Parishioners who are certified in the Safe Environment Program. For an overview of the entire process, please click here There are three steps to the process:


1. Initial Application

You can begin the application process by reading this document:


After you have read the above document, print out and complete the following forms:


Diocese of Charleston Background Check Forms (PDF) (Please note: Included in the background check forms are Driving and Credit Forms which are not required by all volunteers – only those who will be driving for the Parish or handling money.)

Diocese of Charleston Code of Conduct Form (PDF)

Diocese of Charleston Acknowledgment of Receipt Form (PDF)

Diocese of Charleston Confidentiality Form (PDF)


Please sign and date your form. Also, some forms require witnesses. Any person may serve as a witness. Please ask them to sign and date where required.


Once these forms are completed, you may return them to the Parish Office located on the 2nd floor of St. Gregory the Great Catholic School. Please place them in an envelope addressed to the “Safe Environment Coordinator.”


2. Background Check by the Diocese of Charleston

If the documents have been filled out completely, they will be submitted almost immediately to the Office of Child Protection of the Catholic Diocese of Charleston. Turnaround time is typically between two to three weeks. If we need additional information, the Safe Environment Coordinator will contact you.


3. Safe Haven – It’s Up to You Training Program

The Diocese of Charleston uses an online training program created by Catholic Mutual called Safe Haven.

To complete the program please do the following:


1. Go to to complete your new online safe environment curriculum.

2. Create a new account by completing all the boxes on the form. This includes address, primary parish (St. Gregory the Great), and how you participate at the Parish or Schools.

3. Start the Safe Haven – It’s Up to You training curriculum.

4. Download and print your certificate upon completion and bring to either St. Gregory the Great Parish,  SGG School office or JPII School office.

      Or, email directly from the website to either the Parish Office at  or the School Office at

5. If you have technical issues with the program, please click on the ‘support’ button on the Catholic Mutual website.

6. If you have any questions, please contact:
· Gloria Alvarez-Kayser at St. Gregory the Great Parish Office – 843-815-3100 x 350 or
· Sandy Bougus at St. Gregory the Great School Office – 843-815-9988 or
· Joanne Kearney at John Paul II School Office – 843-645-3838





Teaching Touching Safety Program (TTS)

The Teaching Touching Safety Program is an educational program for children and teens that includes age-appropriate materials pertaining to personal safety that conforms to Catholic teachings. The once-per-year session consists of a 25-minute interactive class providing children grades K‐12 with information regarding personal safety particularly designed to prevent or stop child sexual abuse. For parent information on the Teaching Touching Safety, click here.

For a look at the curricula, click here

Click here for the parent handbook – Practical Advice for Parents on Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Click here to see the Quick Reference Guide


Safe Environment Resources

The Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People

Code of Conduct

Diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator

“How to Report Allegations of Sexual Abuse” Flyer

Sexual Misconduct or Abuse Report Form

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